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Manufacturing Jobs in Toronto

The manufacturing industry has a vast range of products and raw materials that it fabricates on a daily basis. In Canada, manufacturing continues to play a large role in the nation’s global economic production, so job searchers have plenty of sectors to work in throughout the country, such as:

  • ​Textiles
  • Apparel
  • Food and Kindred Products
  • Leather
  • Lumber and Wood
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete
  • Rubber and Plastics

The manufacturing industry’s image has changed. Contrary to popular belief, there is a great amount of white-collared jobs available in the manufacturing industry such as sales, design engineering, and production control. With an increasing number of labour-intensive jobs becoming automated, individuals who know how to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot high-tech equipment are in high demand. Job searchers can work in the manufacturing industry even if they are not a hands-on type of person.

​Manufacturing Workers Qualities

​Jobs in this industry require attention to detail not only when operating heavy machinery, but in the processes themselves; i.e. research, development, prototype testing. Critical thinking and strong communication skills are also important qualities to have; solving problems with co-workers quickly is essential, as it helps to maintain workflow efficiency and avoid work accidents.

​With the increasing demand for machines, more jobs require individuals to be tech-savvy. Cross-training is a vital tool because of the massive number of Baby Boomers that have been retiring since 2015, and it provides challenges to keep employees engaged in their work. These days, Millennials need to be equipped with a diverse skillset.

The manufacturing industry is divided into some of the following departments:


This department is where engineers practice trial and error as they create saleable products. They meet challenges and search for technical solutions that work and work efficiently. Some businesses prefer to split Research from Development and use customer feedback to improve products.


This department works closely with Research and Development to ensure that products are built, tested, and maintained while keeping the company’s main goal in mind: making a profit. Details and processes are monitored so that there are no deviations from original plans.


This department create tests to make sure what Production has made is suitable for customer use or consumption and up to industry and company standards. This department uses sophisticated equipment to detect flaws or bugs in the company’s products and will send them to Research and Development to be fixed.


This department is physically demanding. Tasks include manually moving shipments and operating heavy machinery. The shipping department handles order tracking and returns and compares customer orders with the shipment contents before it’s packed. Logistics plays a role in this department, as well, managing costs and finding better ways to ship orders.


Whether you’re looking for a manufacturing job or a candidate to join your team, Beyond Bilingual has intimate experience with the manufacturing industry in Toronto. We supply individuals and organizations with meaningful opportunities and dedicated workers. Choosing Beyond Bilingual as your bilingual employment and recruiting agency will produce long-term results.

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