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Medical and Pharmaceutical Jobs in Toronto

The medical and pharmaceutical industries discover, develop, manufacture, and market new medicines and medical technologies. They provide companies and not-for-profit organizations with advanced equipment and generic and brand-name pharmaceuticals, including over-the-counter drugs.

​Jobs in these sectors require focused, capable and responsible individuals who adhere to regulations and protocols for safety reasons since they are working in a highly regulated environment. Key skills for medical and pharmaceutical jobs include: good communication, proper literature appraisal, critical thinking, and problem solving.

​Both the medical and pharmaceutical industries provide ample room for individuals to grow and secure a bright future. With continual breakthroughs in science and medicine, there is a constant need for hard-working individuals with new ways of thinking.

​The manufacturing of safe medicine is divided into different departments requiring specific skillsets, including:


This department acts as an intermediary between the pharmaceutical company and the regulatory authorities while being present throughout a new medicine’s development. Professionals in this department are an integral part in the drug development strategy, acting as guides with best practices in mind. Regulatory Affairs handles applications and paperwork related to a drug’s regulations prior to its release to the public.


This department verifies viable drug candidates for discovery research, animal science, and bioinformatics. Lab experiments are performed for further research and analysis in cell cultures and microorganisms while ensuring proper care of test subjects.


This department manages clinical trials and studies and finds new ways to develop drugs faster and more efficiently while meeting rigorous safety standards. The purpose of clinical research is to advance the adoption of new practices and medicine within the healthcare system.


This department monitors all manufacturing procedures to make sure they comply with governmental regulations as well as the rules and safety regulations laid out by the FDA. Frequent checks and tests are carried out to maintain proper product standards.


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